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Enterprise purpose: provide users with value of winning enterprise development; Finally in the enterprise development to achieve the common development of every employee.
Enterprise mission: to focus on user needs, to provide maximum convenience.
Corporate philosophy: to create, share, share.
Corporate goal: to become the first brand of China instrument sales.
Enterprise policy: concentration and pursuit - someone else to do three hundred and sixty rows, I only do a good job in this line.
Enterprise spirit: hard work, meet the challenge, teamwork, innovation.
Six core values:
> user value: provide users with the greatest help, create more value for users.
> enterprise system: abide by, everyone is equal.
> love each other, to love let employees heart tightly together.
> be efficient: do things in the right way, high efficiency to do good.
> challenge: to learn, good at summary, and exchange, to surpass oneself.
> abide by integrity, honesty, good. 


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