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New hardware electric tools quickly occupy the market commanding heights
By the foreign trade market recession forced successively, many hardware electric tools production enterprises and dealers began transformation strategy, began to focus on domestic hardware power tools market exploration and innovation, and some itself to power tools companies and businesses of the dominance of domestic sales, but also play their own advantages, actively malicious honed in lift gear upgrades, development is quite rapid.
As large domestic market capacity is less than the international market, but demand is still not small, and most professional power tools, the selling price is higher, and the economic benefit is good, as long as the attention to product quality, continuously consolidate and expand the market share, is also promising, can also the survival and development. Due to the domestic market of quality power tools and power tools brand more selective, whether electric tools dealer, or directly to the user, attaches great importance to the quality and brand of power tools. Market, therefore, the slope of good quality, good brand electric tools. As long as companies, distributors, and read to the market with good market, the electric tools want an outlet.
Domestic users are increasingly demanding in the quality of electric tools, especially for products such as efficiency, weight, life is very concerned about. In construction industry, for example, to the quality problem of the domestic electric tools mainly reflect as follows: electric hammer easy fever, continuous working time is short, small electric hammer impact, vibration, operator should push pressure to depth, drill wear easily, brittle, etc.
In order to better develop the domestic and foreign markets, more and more electric tools production enterprises and dealers pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, win by quality, to new products to consolidate and develop the market. Therefore, electric tool market brand awareness and brand effect is more apparent, many a little strength and scale of electric tool distributor, to sell good brand electric tools showed high enthusiasm.
Electric tools market matures. Especially some famous brand electric tools, such as broad, Brenda, three front, rich and strong (powerful), etc., has been in our province and even fade in electric tool industry leading position in China. Can be expected, these brands in the normative and orderly competition environment will be more healthy and more rapid growth.
As manufacturers constantly attaches great importance to the enterprise brand construction, increasing investment in science and technology, develop new products, electric tool industry achieved from a single small electric tools products to the diversified, large-scale, modern, large-scale, the new direction of the electric tools series products development, quickly occupy the market commanding heights.
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