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How to safely use power tools
(1) the use of electric tools should be in good insulation. Should be taken in the construction site when using power tools installed leakage protector, safety protection measures such as isolation transformer;
(2) when using the Angle grinder, hand grinder, should wear protective glasses, grinding towards to Mars when no one no one side of the device;
(3) use hand electric drill, should first contact with the workpiece after launch, inclined holes should prevent slippery drill, operation must not remove iron by hand directly;
(4) using grinder should be started, after reaching the normal speed, then contact the workpiece. Grinding wheel guard should be installed in good condition;
(5) using the grinding wheel saw cutting grinding workpiece should be steadier clipped on, in case of sawing up hurt;
(6) using a hammer, the operator should wear safety helmet, wear insulating work shoes, and need to wear masks and glasses.
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