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Hand-held power tool safety operation procedures
1, general selection class II hand-held electric tools and install the electric shock action current rating is not more than 15 ma, the rated operating time is less than 0.1 seconds of the leakage protector. If the use of type I hand-held electric tools, must also be zero protection. Operators must wear insulating gloves, wear insulating boots, or standing on the insulating mat.
2, in damp places or metal structure operation, must choose class II hand-held power tools, and fortified leakage protector splash. I kind of hand-held electric tools is strictly prohibited.
3, the narrow place (boiler, metal containers, cooking, pipe, etc.) with appropriate chooses isolation transformer class III hand-held power tools; If you choose class II hand-held electric tools, you must fortify splash leakage protector. The isolation transformer or leakage protector installed in a narrow place outside, someone care when you work.
Line 4, hand-held electric tools load resistance to climatic type rubber sheathed copper core cable must be used, and can not have joint. It is prohibited to use plastic yarn.
5, be affected with damp be affected with damp, deformation, crack, broken, ke edge gap or come into contact with oil and alkali kind grinding wheel should not be used. Grinding wheel piece of be affected with damp be affected with damp, shall not be used to drying. Grinding wheel with soft mat flange should install safety, nuts may not be too tight.
6, homework must be checked before:
(1) the shell, the handle should be no cracks, damage;
(2) protection by zero connection should be correct cable cord and plug, firm and reliable intact, switch action should be normal, and pay attention to the operation of the switch method;
(3) electrical protection device is good, reliable and complete mechanical protection device.
Idle running after seven, start, and check the tool should be flexible in operation.
8, portable grinder, Angle grinder, organic glass must be put, operating strength to balance, may not be too hard.
To take notice of the voice, September and overload is strictly prohibited to use, found abnormal should immediately stop check, operation time is too long, temperature rise, we should treat the reentry after natural cooling down.
In 10, homework can not touch cutting, mould, grinding wheel, found a dull, damage should be replaced immediately stop repairing after operation.
11, machines may not give up when working.
12, using electric drill considerations;
(1) drill bit should be top on the parts, must not be empty and top die;
(2) the hole should be avoided in reinforced concrete;
(3) must be perpendicular to the top on the artifacts, cannot be shaking in borehole;
(4) use in more than 25 mm in diameter impact drill, job site should be set up around the fence. Above the earth in the operation should have a solid platform.
13, the use of Angle grinder pay attention to the safety line speed of the grinding wheel is 80 m/min, make grinding should keep the wheel and working face 15-30 degree tilt. Make cutting wheel may not be inclined.
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