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Portable and hand-held power tools using safety measures
1) portable electric tools and hand power tools before electricity can good grounding protection or protection by zero.
2) portable power tools and hand-held electric tools should be equipped with a separate power switch and protection, it is strictly prohibited to a switch by two and more than two sets electric equipment.
3) portable electric tool switch should adopt power leakage protection devices, the current action should be not more than 15 ma, action time is less than 0.1 s, the switch shall be installed in place for easy operation, and tools should be not more than 5 m distance.
4) portable power tools, portable electric tools when socket connection is used, the plug and socket shall be no damage, no crack, good insulation.
5) using the portable electric tool for left the scene to suspend work or meet a sudden power failure, should pull open the power switch.
6) portable electric tools and hand power tools, should be equipped with high sensitive action of the leakage protector.
7) portable electric tools and hand power tools of the power cord, must use copper strands rubber set soft cable, or PVC sheathed flexible cable. Cable to avoid heat source, and shall not be dragged on the ground. When can not meet the above requirements, should be taken to prevent the weight pressure measures, such as a broken cable.
8) portable electric tools and hand power tools need to move, not portable power supply cord or rotating parts.
9) after using portable electric tools and hand electric tools, disconnect the power supply must be in the power supply side.
10) replacing electric tool bits, should be carried out after being shut down.
11) using a handheld electric tools, insulating gloves should be worn or stand on the insulation.
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