What are the precautions for the operation of the electric hand drill?

Source: Jingchuang Electric power tools Co., LTD.Release time: 2021-09-01

1. Check whether the power cord is damaged before use. If there is, it must be wrapped with insulating tape. During use, it must not be exposed to water, dragged or trampled, or touched with heat sources and corrosive media.

2. Protective grounding (zero connection) measures must be taken for hand drills with metal shells.

3. Before use, make sure that the electric drill switch is in the off state to prevent the electric drill from turning suddenly when the plug is inserted into the power socket.

4. The electric drill should be idling for 0.5~1min before use, and check whether the transmission part is flexible, whether there is abnormal noise, whether the screw is loose, and whether the commutator spark is normal.

5. Hold the electric drill with both hands when drilling, try not to operate with one hand, and master the correct operating posture.

6. Do not use drill bits with notches. Do not press too much downward force when drilling to prevent the drill from breaking.

7. Cleaning up the scraps of the cutter head, changing the cutter head, etc., must be performed with the power supply disconnected.

8. For small workpieces, it must be clamped with the aid of a clamp, and then a hand electric drill is used.

9. During operation, the drilling force should not be too high to prevent the drill bit or wire attack from flying out and hurting people.

10. Before operation, carefully check the drill bit for cracks or damage. If such a situation is found, it must be replaced immediately.

11. Pay attention to the direction of rotation and feed direction of the electric drill bit.

12. Turn off the power first, wait for the drill to stop completely before removing the workpiece from the tool.

13. Do not touch the drill bit immediately after processing the workpiece, otherwise the drill bit may overheat and burn the skin.

14. Before operation, carefully check the drill bit for cracks or damage. If such a situation is found, replace it immediately.

15. If large sparks are found on the commutator and the electric drill is overheated during use, it must be stopped and checked, such as removing dirt, replacing worn-out brushes, and adjusting the spring pressure of the brush holder.

16. In order to avoid cutting fingers, ensure that all fingers are removed from the workpiece or drill (wire tap) during operation.